Cabin charter in Thailand

After last year's success, next February we will organize three sailing charters in Thailand. We will cruise in the Andaman Sea in the stretch of sea that goes from Phuket to Malaysia.

The Andaman Sea in this period is under the influence of the North East Monsoon which brings northern winds and dry climate. So we will sail with the wind from ashore that does not cause the great ocean waves and the navigation is easy and feasible even for those who have no experience.

Many of the islands we will visit are scarcely inhabited so it is a cruise based on life in the bay in often wild places.

Charter's route and description

Cabin charter in Thailand

Day 1

For those who want to participate in the shopping meeting at 14.30 in a large supermarket in Phuket (For those that not want we will discuss before for to arrange the buying of food!).

For those who do not want to come for shopping, meeting at 17.30 at Yacht Haven Marina in Phuket.

We will arrange luggage in the cabins and food in the galley then dinner in a typical Thai restaurant overlooking the lagoon.

Day 2

We will depart early in the morning.

We will navigate along the long stretch that divides Phuket from the land, where we will find tens of jellyfish fishermen who with long rake catch and pull them in their boat.

Then we head south along the Phuket coast for a quiet sailing to Ko Racha Yai where we will take a buoy in the magnificent bay. The water is clear and immediately we will do snorkeling between the corals.


Day 3

For those wishing to wake up at dawn we do some fishing on the troll along the wild coast of Ko Racha Yai, then breakfast.

A brief navigation allows us to reach Ko Racha Noi, a small tropical paradise formed by two deserted islands covered by jungle and surrounded by a crystal clear sea. We will spend the afternoon to explore the backdrops, fishing  or just enjoy the sun and the panorama.


Thailandia barche a vela spiaggia

Day 4

A long sailing is waiting us, so wake up early for a good breakfast and leave.

During the sailing we will we will do the troll fishing to have fish for dinner. We will arrive in the afternoon at Ko Rok, a true tropical paradise and one of the most beautiful islands in the Andaman Sea.

It is made up of two small islands, Ko Rok Nai and Ko Rok Nok, which are separated by a narrow channel, where we will drops our anchor. The island is home of a national marine park that keeps it virgin and unkempt.

The sunset in this paradise will  unforgettable!


Tramonto a PhiPhi island

Day 5

In the morning we will enjoy this unspoiled paradise.  Activities include: walks along the white beaches, snorkeling in the marine reserve, visit to the national park venue (there is a great iguana that garrisons it) or just sunbathe onboard and enjoy the panorama.

After lunch we move to Ko Muk where we will see another wonder: Emerald Cave. Is a long cave that we will go trough swimming; at the end of which we will comes out into a small paradise on earth. A big hole in the rock on whose ground there is a beach covered with vegetation and where it filters the light from the upper opening. Inside there is a particular microclimate that has allowed the growth of a very lush vegetation along the rock walls.

In the late afternoon we will move Ko Ngay where we will spend the night after admiring a splendid sunset


Day 6

We will spend a few hours in the morning snorkeling or walking on the beach, then after lunch we will go to Phi Phi Lee. We will arrive late in the afternoon when the numerous tourist boats will return to the resorts. The island is spectacular with its steep rocky shores full of tropical vegetation.


Thailandia korok dalla barca vela

Day 7

For the brave wake up at dawn to go to “The Beach” (where the famous movie with  Bread Pitt was shot) before the hordes of tourists arrive.

Then head to Phi Phi Island for a short lunch break. Then navigate north to reach Ko Na Kha Yai, a beautiful island where is located a luxurious resort.



Day 8

Short sailing to return to Yacht Haven Marina in Phuket.

At 9.30am check out.

Those who want can wait for the departure of the flight in the luxurious marina structure with a pool with chairs and restaurants.




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