Cabin charter

Sailboat holiday in “Cabin Charter” mode

Sailing holiday with individual boarding or Cabin Charter is a sailing charter where people book the single berth and then share the boat with other guests.

Most of our guests are singles or couples and participate to the charter by booking the single berth or single cabin of the boat in the case of couples. There is therefore no concern to organize a group of friends who rent the whole boat for the holiday. The skipper will take care of forming the group and the price is independent of the number of participants.

If you are single and want to do a sailboat holiday, you can book a single berth. Accommodation will be either in a double cabin with a person of the same sex or in the saloon, the central part of the boat. The saloon on most sailboats is bright and airy. So at the expense of a little privacy, the saloon accommodation offers a very large and comfortable berth perfect for individual use. On our Walkabout boat in particular the width of the hull gives very spacious berths.

If you are a couple, a comfortable double cabin with a nice comfortable bed will be at your disposal.

Anyone who has never been on a boat fears individual boarding for the sake of finding themselves with unknown people. Based on our experience, we can tell you that the more uneven the group, the more sparkling and cheerful the holiday will be.

With individual boarding, a sailing holiday will also be a way of meeting new people who after a week spent together will become new friends.

If, on the other hand, you are a family with children, you can take a sailing holiday by choosing to rent the entire boat so as to tailor the cruise to the needs of the little ones.

If your holidays will be in Greece next summer, consult the program of our cruises for next summer

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