May 2, 2019

Fast cruising sailboat Walkabout

The sailboat for ocean fast cruising

The Walkabout is a modern fast cruising sailboat designed and built for ocean sailing, which combines excellent performance with plenty of space and an excellent comfort and safety for offshore sailing.
The Walkabout is the first Walkabout 43, designed by naval architect David Reard and built by ourĀ boatyard; is a boat made for blue water sailing.

fast and safe

The very large hull ensures stability and offers a large living space inside and in the cockpit. The hull, inspired by the modern open ocean sail racers, has two rudders and is planing. Under the right conditions, you can reach safely speed up to 15 knots.

sailboat charters life

Huge cockpit

Its highlight is the cockpit, which thanks to the width of the hull to the stern is “huge” and it gives ample space to the crew and to who is sitting relaxed in the shade, sheltered by the canopy and bimini.

The sailboat interior

The interior is composed of 3 double cabins with two bathrooms, a very large dinette and living space, with a very ample kitchen.

Interior layout Walkabout 43


The boat has 2 very large cabin in the stern and 1 cabin in the bow. The 2 cabins in the stern share the bathroom and the one in the bow has its own private bathroom

Boat berth in the dinette

By tilting the back of the sofa, it will create 2 very large berth

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