From Mykonos to Santorini

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Saturday :
Embarking in the late afternoon in Mykonos, in the Bay of Ornos, welcome drink and accommodation to yours cabins; then you all go to buy food. In the evening, we go out to dinner at a Greek taverna.

Sunday :

Before it gets hot we move in the channel between Rineia and Delos. You go to visit the beautiful ruins of Delos, the sacred island in ancient times known as Ortigia; according to myth was born there Apollo and Artemis.

The archaeological site is in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and the visit is an unforgettable experience!

In the afternoon after a relaxing bath we will move in nearby. Dinner in tavern

Today we face a long voyage downwind in one of the windiest place of the Aegean. The destination is Donoussa and we will stop for the afternoon and night in a wild and beautiful bay on the northeast. Dinner at anchor

Today day easy navigation along the east coast and south of Donoussa. Relaxing afternoon in a bay on the south coast. Dinner in tavern

Another downwind navigation short but intense at a time of Kofounissa. Stop in the splendid bay of Pori, anchored in a pool of crystal clear water on a backdrop of white sand; then if conditions permit we will be there for the night otherwise we will move in the south of the island. Dinner in the tavern.

Today short trips and many bathrooms in bays of clear water and white sandy seabed in KatoKofunissa. In the afternoon we move to Schinoussa where we spend the night in the bay.

It will have a beautiful and intense downwind sailing, to Santorini. We will stop in the caldera and then we will go on the south coast where there is a small marina. Dinner in tavern

Breakfast and disembarkation.

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