January 30, 2016

How is the life aboard?


10 reasons why you should come on a sailing holiday with us:

Watch the stars in all their glory!

Swim in crystal clear waters!

Sip a drink while watching the fire red sunset!

Sail fast and glide over the waves pushed by Greece’s famous northerly winds, the Meltemi!

Feel the thrill of  waking up and diving straight into the water each morning!

Venture into remote bays accessible only by sea!

Fall asleep lulled by the roll and with the lullaby of lapping waves on the hull!

Make wind the fuel of our trip!

Do not miss a single ray of sunshine during the day!

And last, but not least: feel the sense of absolute freedom that only be felt aboard a  sailboat!

 Here is a typical day of a charter on Walkabout

A day on a sailboat allows for the greatest pleasure in the smallest of things.

We follow natural rhythms.  We wake up “no alarm”, and the first one standing makes coffee for everyone.

Then it’s breakfast in the cockpit with bread, jam, Greek yogurt, fruit, honey and for the brave – the first dip in the sea to wake up.

When you are ready, we set sail for the day transfer (usually we change island every day).  If possible, we split the trip into two parts to allow a break in a nice anchorage for a swim and to enjoy a delicious lunch of classic Greek salad.

You don’t need any experience to come sailing with us.  We can do all the sailing while you relax and enjoy the journey.  Or if you want to learn some new sailing skills or practice what you already know, we’re happy for you to try your hand with the ropes or at the tiller.

After more sailing, we arrive in a bay or marina where we stay overnight. Here you can: have a walk  ashore, swim or snorkel, lie in the sun, enjoy the view or read a book.

As the sun sets and after a refreshing cockpit shower, we get ready for the evening with a nice aperitif.

For dinner if we decide to go ashore we can dine in typical Greek taverns.  Or if we stay onboard we can have fun preparing some authentic Italian dishes.

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