North and West Dodecanese

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Embarking in the late afternoon in front of Kefalos beach a few kilometers from Kos Airport, welcome drink and accommodation in your cabins. In the evening, we go out to dinner at a typical Greek taverna.

The charter on a sailing boat begins with a hard sailing upwind along the beautiful wild south coast of Kos. The tough sailing will last half hour then we will begin to bear away to head towards Kalymnos. We will stop for lunch in a wild bay and then in the afternoon we will move in the port of the island. Kalymnos is famous for its sponge divers in the early twentieth century have made it prosperous and populous, creating a big city. Kalymnos is one of the few Aegean fishing ports and fish is always plentiful and fresh.

Today we have to sail upwind directed to Pandeli,  Leros. We will stop for lunch in the beautiful bay of Palionisos, then in the afternoon we will reach Pandeli, where we will anchor in front of the beach with a beautiful view of the castle of Leros. For the more adventurous you can walk to the castle from where you can enjoy a view of the Aegean and Turkey. Fish dinner in a great tavern.


We leave the shelter of the islands for a stretch of offshore sailing with the wind on the beam to reach Levita, a small island inhabited only by one large family that runs the buoys in the anchorage and a tavern where the recipes are almost all made from goat.


Today a beautiful downwind sailing will lead us to Astypalaia.

With our boat in these conditions we will glides and is great fun! We will stop for a swim in a deserted little bay and then we will reach the anchorage below the Chora where we spend the night. Astypalea, the westernmost island of the Dodecanese, is shaped like a butterfly and is still quite untouched by tourism. Late in the afternoon a nice walk among the windmills, will allow us to reach the Chora, one of the most beautiful  of the Aegean. Dinner in the tavern


Chora di Astypalaia

Another long, exhilarating sailing with the wind on a reach directed to Nisyros.

Lunch in navigation and we will arrive in the small harbour of Pali in the afternoun. Nisyros is one of the most beautiful islands in the Dodecaneseand it is worth to rent a scooter or a car to see the inside and the volcano. Not to be missed: a visit to the Nikia village with its beautiful square, downhill inside the volcano(is not active, there are only fumaroles) and sunset at Emporio where there is a small restaurant with a few tables where you can enjoy a splendid sunset on the volcano. The restaurant run by a local family made a great food!

La caldera di Nisyros

A short sail upwind allows us to reach Gyali, a small island occupied by a fascinating huge pumice quarry. Lunch in the bay and in the afternoon last sailing to Kefalos, Kos. Mundane evening with dinner at the restaurant

Breakfast and disembarkation.


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