10 Reasons to Choose a Sailing Vacation in Greece

Here are the reasons to choose a sailing holiday

Why choose the Greek islands for your vacation?

The Greek islands are synonymous with sun and summer sea. Beautiful bays, beautiful beaches and crystal clear water.
There are many each with its own characteristics. Visiting the chora (the old town at the top), the historic center of the island offers the excuse for the evening walk and dinner in the typical tavern.
For their beauty they don’t have much to envy to the distant exotic islands.

Why on a sailing boat?
f you want to visit the islands of Greece the best way to do it is with a sailing boat.
You can visit a different island every day.
You will be able to enjoy the sun and the sea during transfers from one island to another.
You will wake up surrounded by a pool of crystal clear water
And at night you can admire the starry sky away from artificial lights. The boat cannot erase problems, but it will surely make them seem much more distant and muffled. A holiday to disconnect from the frenzied rhythms of working life.

The sense of freedom that only a sailing holiday can give !

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A perfect mix to make a beautiful experience.

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