Sailing charter from Kos to Santorini

Sailing cruise itinerary from Paros to Kos

The sailing charter from Kos to Santorini is suitable for those who want to experience the thrill of offshore sailing.

Embarkation in the late afternoon in front of Kefalos beach a few kilometers from Kos airport, welcome toast and accommodation in the respective cabins. In the evening, you go out for dinner in a typical Greek tavern.

The cruise on a sailboat start with an easy downwind sailing leading to Giali, an island home to a large pumice quarry inhabited only by the workers. Lunch in front of a long golden beach, then in the afternoon we will move to Knidos where we can visit a Greek theater from which the ancient inhabitants of Knidos looked at the representations of the naval battles that were held in the bay below

Crociera in barca a vela da Paros a Kos

Short upwind sailing to Pali, on the island of Nysiros. We will have lunch in navigation and we will moor in the port of Pali. Nisyros is one of the most beautiful islands of the Dodecanese and it is worthwhile to rent a scooter or a car to see the interior and the volcano. Do not miss: visit the village of Nikia with its beautiful little square, the descend into the crater (there are only fumarole ) and sunset at Emporio where there is a small restaurant with a few tables where you can enjoy a splendid sunset on the crater. The restaurant run by a local family has a great kitchen!

Crociera in barca a vela da Paros a Kos

Long offshore upwind  sailing in one of the windiest places in the Aegean.

We will stop in a remote bay on the island of Kounoupia in the south of Astypalea. We will spend an afternoon of relaxation, baths and for those who want a spectacular walk at sunset

Crociera in barca a vela da Paros a Kos

After a day of intense sailing a day of relaxation in Astypalea. We will anchor in some bays of the group of islands south of Astypalea until the afternoon, then we will move in front of the beach of Analipsi. Before sunset a beautiful walk among the windmills will allow us to reach the Chora, one of the most beautiful and untouched of the Aegean. Dinner in the tavern

Crociera in barca a vela da Paros a Kos

We continue to sail west towards Anafi, which we will reach for lunch time. Anafi belongs to the Cyclades and is an island off the beaten tourist routes. Afternoon to relax and then at sunset you go for a walk to the Chora.

Crociera in barca a vela da Paros a Kos

A sailing upwind allows us to reach the north entrance to the caldera of Santorini. We will sail under the spectacular Oia then we will move to Thirasia for lunch. Afternoon to relax then a short navigation will allow us to see the spectacular sunset of Santorini, where the sea to the west is tinged with orange and the white buildings on the black caldera are colored with golden reflections. Spectacular! We will reach Akrotiri before dark, where we will spend the night

Breakfast and disembarkation.

Crociera in barca a vela da Paros a Kos

Make a charter with us from Kos to Santorini.

We will take you to islands that are not as accessible as Astipalea and Anafi. It will be a cruise with some ofshore sailing and is suitable for those who want to do some sailing experience

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