Sailing Cyclades from Athens


Sailing the Cyclades: A Greek Odyssey Aboard a Fast Sailing Yacht

The sailing vacation through the Cyclades starts with boarding in Athens (Lavrio), embarking on a journey to enchanting Greek islands such as Serifos, Kythnos, Kea, and Makronisos. These islands are gems of the Mediterranean, featuring quaint villages and stunning bays that serve as the perfect setting for a Greek sailing holiday. Our days are filled with thrilling sails on a fast sailing yacht, exploration of deserted bays, scenic walks through ancient towns, and gourmet dining experiences onboard or at authentic local restaurants. Each day unveils new discoveries, from the enchantment of Chora to the serenity of crystal-clear bays, making this a quintessential sailing vacation in Greece. This adventure, aboard a fast and efficient sailing boat, promises to leave an indelible mark on your memories, blending the exhilarating sense of freedom at sea with the timeless beauty of the Mediterranean. Additionally, your skippers will dazzle you with magnificent meals, showcasing their culinary prowess and enhancing this unforgettable Greek sailing experience.

Sailing into Paradise: From Lavrio to Kythnos

First Day of Sailing Vacation

Your journey begins with boarding in the late afternoon at Lavrio, easily accessible by bus or taxi from Athens International Airport. Once on board, you'll settle into your comfortable cabins, starting to familiarize yourself with the simple and relaxing atmosphere of life on a boat.

To kick off this experience, we embark on a short sail in search of peace and quiet for a first taste of the paradise that awaits us. The sea breeze envelops us as we drift away from the mainland. At sunset, we indulge in a delicious onboard dinner of seafood prepared by your skippers, savoring the flavors of the sea under a starry sky.


Second Day of Sailing Vacation

A new day begins with a hearty breakfast onboard, preparing us for a beautiful sail. Your skippers hoist the sails, and the wind gently rocks us as we navigate towards the island of Kythnos, destination: Kolona.

Kolona greets us with its breathtaking beauty: crystal-clear waters kissing the golden sandy beach. We land in this corner of paradise and take the afternoon to explore, swim, or simply relax under the warm sun.

With a short walk, we capture the magic of the sunset over the hills surrounding the bay. Returning to our sailing boat, we share a delicious dinner prepared by your skippers. The sound of the waves accompanies the tales of the day, promising even more exciting adventures in the days to come.

Sailing North Cyclades

Sailing with the Wind to Serifos, the Magic of Chora, and Breathtaking Views

Third Day of Sailing: Discovering the Enchantment of Serifos

With the wind filling our sails from behind,on our fast sailing boat we embark on our journey towards the enchanting island of Serifos. Our destination is a charming bay, cradled by rock formations that whisper ancient tales. We anchor our boat, ready to explore this slice of paradise.

After a morning of thrilling navigation, we indulge in an afternoon of total relaxation, immersed in the crystal-clear waters of the Aegean. You can swim, take a stroll on land, or simply stay on board to read or sunbathe.

In the afternoon, we move the boat to the island's picturesque harbor, where the quaint white houses face the sea, offering a postcard-perfect view.

Once on land, we embark on a pleasant walk along a staircase that gracefully climbs over the bay, leading us towards the day's climax.

The highlight of the day is the visit to Chora, the charming old town perched atop the hill. From here, the panoramic view of the surrounding islands is simply magnificent, making this day of your sailing vacation in Greece a truly unique experience.

Crociera in barca vela alle Cicladi Settentrionali
Crociera in barca vela alle Cicladi Settentrionali

Crossing with Crosswind towards Syros, the Fascinating Capital of the Cyclades

Fourth Day of Sailing Vacation

The day begins with a crosswind sail towards the enchanting island of Syros. The wind carries our sails as we cut through the Aegean Sea waters, heading eagerly towards our next destination.

Upon arrival, we anchor our vessel in a bay that exudes a serene holiday atmosphere. The afternoon is perfect for total relaxation. The calm waters beckon for a rejuvenating swim, while others may prefer to simply bask in leisure on the deck.

In the afternoon, we anchor in Finikas bay, from where we can reach Ermoupolis, the captivating capital of the Cyclades. This city bewitches with its neoclassical architecture and white marble-paved alleys that whisper ancient tales. A visit to Ermoupolis is undoubtedly an intriguing experience that enriches our journey.

In the evening, we dive into the authentic flavors of Greek cuisine. We conclude the day with dinner at a typical Greek restaurant nestled within the city's cheerful, labyrinthine alleys.

Crociera in barca vela alle Cicladi Settentrionali

Fun Sailing and Tranquility in a Deserted Bay

Fifth Day of Sailing Vacation

The day begins with the sweet melody of the wind and the sea's energy as we partake in a rejuvenating breakfast. Our boat steers us towards a hidden corner: a deserted bay on the island of Kythnos. Sailing this stretch of sea is usually upwind, and the eager among us can have fun tacking and jibing, enjoying the maneuvers.

Upon arrival, our vessel anchors in this slice of paradise, where nature reigns supreme. The afternoon unfolds with endless possibilities: diving enthusiasts can plunge into the crystal-clear water in search of fascinating marine life. Those who prefer dry land can enjoy a relaxing stroll on the beach, while the more adventurous might opt for a scenic hike to the northern bay or towards the chora, the old town at the island's heart.

As the sun sets on the horizon, we savor a gourmet dinner meticulously prepared by our onboard chef. The view of the starry sky reflecting on the calm sea creates an unforgettable atmosphere. Under the blanket of stars, with the gentle sound of the waves, we conclude this day of sailing.

Our sailing vacation is a journey between the serenity of the sea and the excitement of discovery, and today we have embraced the untouched beauty of Kythnos, a treasure to be carefully preserved in the memories of this sailing holiday.

Crociera in barca vela alle Cicladi Settentrionali

Sailing To the Enchanting Island of Kea

Sixth Day of Sailing Vacation

The thrill of sailing accompanies our morning as we glide through the Aegean Sea towards another Cycladic island: Kea.

Upon arrival, the northern bay of the island welcomes us, a haven of serenity and peace. Anchored in this natural refuge, we indulge in an afternoon of total relaxation. The bay offers the chance to swim in turquoise waters, sunbathe on the deck, or simply embrace the art of doing nothing.

As evening approaches, our boat once again cuts through the waves towards the island's main bay, home to the picturesque harbor. The sunset light paints the sky in warm hues, creating a magical atmosphere.

Before concluding this unforgettable day, we decide to further explore the island. A short taxi ride takes us to Chora of Kea, the charming old town perched on the hill. Narrow alleys lead us through ancient arches.

For dinner, we opt for a typical Greek restaurant nestled in the authentic atmosphere of Chora. We savor local delicacies prepared with passion and tradition.

We conclude the evening on board, rocked by the gentle movement of the boat on the water.

Every sailing day is a chapter of our extraordinary boat vacation, a journey through the wonders of the Aegean Sea that will remain etched in our hearts.

Crociera in barca vela alle Cicladi Settentrionali

Makronisos: A Sailing Paradise Waiting to be Discovered

Seventh Day of Sailing Vacation

Gliding gently, we reach a stunning bay on the island of Makronisos. The untouched nature of this place enchants our souls, offering us a serene refuge to spend a few hours of tranquility.

Anchored in this paradisiacal bay, we indulge in a lunch on board. The sound of the waves caressing the hull and the breathtaking panorama create the perfect setting for a moment of relaxation and conviviality.

After a short sail in the afternoon, we head towards the port of Lavrio, a short distance from Athens, marking the final stop of our sailing journey.

Eighth Day of Sailing Vacation

As the sun rises, the morning of the eighth day greets you with a breakfast filled with memories and shared experiences. It's time for farewells, but with the promise of seeing each other soon. Disembarking from our beloved sailing boat, you carry with you the memories of this unforgettable vacation.

We leave behind the waves that have marked our path, but in our hearts, the thrill of every sunset, the sound of the wind in the sails, and the scent of the sea remain alive. Our sailing adventure has come to an end, but the baggage of memories and the promises of new adventures continue to navigate our thoughts.

With a smile and gratitude in your heart, bid farewell to the boat, the crew, and the sea that has welcomed us with its majesty. We etch every moment of this journey into our memory, aware that the magic of the sea will always accompany us, until the next encounter with the horizon.

Crociera in barca vela alle Cicladi Settentrionali

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