Sailing from Mykonos to Athens


Sailing cruise itinerary from Mykonos to Athens

Embark on an extraordinary sailing adventure from Mykonos to Athens, guided by expert Italian skippers who will transform your trip into an unforgettable experience. With them at the helm, you will not only sail among the splendid islands of the Northern Cyclades, but you will also delight in exquisite culinary preparations, the result of the renowned Italian cooking tradition.

Our boat, designed to combine comfort and performance, will allow you to experience exciting and fast sailing. You'll feel the adrenaline rush of speed as the wind fills your sails, taking you from one destination to another with agility and confidence.

You will explore the enchanting Kea, a hidden jewel still untouched by mass tourism, and Kythnos, with its lush valleys opening onto dream beaches. It will be impossible not to fall in love with Syros and its lively capital, Ermopoli, the beating heart of the Cyclades, as well as not being enchanted by the paradisiacal bays of Rineia, with their white beaches and crystal clear waters. Delos awaits you with its extraordinary archaeological park, silent witness to a thousand-year history, before concluding the journey in the effervescent Mykonos, pearl of the Aegean sea.

This trip is more than just a cruise: it is an immersion in the beauty of the sea, culture and gastronomy, enriched by the hospitality and experience of our Italian skippers, who will make every moment on board a precious memory. Get ready to sail towards the horizon, among the waves of the sea and the flavors of the Mediterranean, on a sailing holiday that will remain in your heart.

Imbarco a Mykonos poi primo giorno tra storia e tranquillità

Primo giorno di vacanza in barca a vela

Inizia la tua incantevole vacanza in barca a vela salendo a bordo nel cuore delle Cicladi, Mykonos. Ti accogleremo a bordo nel tardo pomeriggio presentandoti quella che sarà la tua casa per la settimana a venire.

Non appena tutti gli ospiti saranno sistemati nelle rispettiva cabine, isseremo le vele verso una baia tranquilla, lontano dalla caotica movida di Mykonos. Qui, l'atmosfera diventa magica: mentre i riflessi del tramonto danzano sull’acqua, i tuoi skipper si trasformeranno in veri cuochi, preparando una deliziosa cena. Gusta la tua prima serata in mare sotto un cielo trapuntato di stelle, poi lasciati cullare dalle onde nella tua prima notte in barca.

Delos, un sito archeologico di inestimabile valore, immerso negli antichi miti greci

Secondo giorno di vacanza in barca a vela

Con il frizzante vento dell' Egeo che gonfia le vele, dopo un nutriente pasto mattutino a bordo, una breve e piacevole navigazione ti condurrà verso l'isola sacra di Delos. Delos è un sito archeologico di inestimabile valore ed era nell'antichità la più celebre e la più sacra di tutte le isole , considerata la mitica culla di Apollo e Artemide.

Nel pomeriggio, la tua avventura prosegue verso Rineia, un'isola gemella tranquilla e meno conosciuta, distante solo un breve tratto di mare.
Un aperitivo nel pozzetto della barca osservando il tramonto che immerge il paesaggio in una luce dorata e poi la cena sarà preparata e servita a bordo dei tuoi skipper. Il piacere della buona tavola e della compagnia dei tuoi nuovi amici.

Il silenzio di Rineia è il compagno ideale per una serata di riposo, l'effervescenza della rinomata Mykonos si percepisce in lontanaza col bagliore delle sue luci.

Crociera in barca vela alle Cicladi Settentrionali
Crociera in barca vela alle Cicladi Settentrionali

Discovering the uncontaminated nature of Rineia

Third day of sailing holiday

After waking up to the sea breeze, a hearty breakfast awaits to give you the energy you need to face another day in your private paradise. The second day on board is dedicated to exploring the natural tranquility of another bay on the island of Rineia, a cradle of peace and a refuge for lovers of tranquility.

As the sun rises in the sky, indulge in the pleasure of swimming in the crystal-clear waters of the bay. Let yourself be enveloped by the warm light of the Greek sun, ideal for a bronzing session on board or to immerse yourself in a good book under the cool awning. If you prefer exploration, a walk on land will allow you to discover hidden corners of this sparsely inhabited island, full of serenity and breathtaking landscapes.

As the day declines, and the air gets cooler, your boat becomes the enchanting setting for an exclusive dinner in the bay. Your table is enriched with the creativity of your skipper to make you enjoy the pleasure of good food, all accompanied by the sound of the waves gently crashing on the beach.

End your day relaxing by toasting to life and simple pleasures, under the celestial vault adorned with stars. This evening invites you to slow down, breathe deeply, and reconnect with the world around you in an environment of unparalleled beauty and peace.

Crociera in barca vela alle Cicladi Settentrionali
Crociera in barca vela alle Cicladi Settentrionali

Wind in the sails towards Syros, capital of the Cyclades

Fourth day of sailing holiday

Your fourth day at sea becomes an exciting experience as our boat, taking advantage of a lively close beat - if the wind is the prevailing one - launches into a navigation that will delight sailing enthusiasts. It's the ideal day for those with a desire to learn, with the opportunity to try their hand at maneuvers or take the helm and feel the true essence of the sea.

The quick sail culminates with arrival at a serene and welcoming anchorage.

The port of Ermopoli, lively and colourful, awaits you in the afternoon. Explore the city, admire its neoclassical architecture and lose yourself among the narrow streets vibrant with history and culture.

When the sun begins to set, and the port lights come on one by one, you will find yourself immersed in a vibrant atmosphere of island life. Get ready to end the day with a typical local dinner, tasting traditional Greek dishes, and toast to another wonderful day at sea.


Crociera in barca vela alle Cicladi Settentrionali

Try your hand at on-board maneuvers

Fifth day of sailing holiday

The boat leaves the glittering port of Hermopolis, a sail awaits you that first runs along the southern coast of the island of Syros and then crosses the cobalt blue sea channel in the Aegean Sea, until landing in Kytnos.

Immerse yourself in navigation, feel the vital energy that flows with every mile traveled and, if you wish, actively participate in life on board. It's the perfect opportunity to gain nautical proficiency or simply admire the sea and sky merging on the horizon.

Once you reach your destination, an enchanting bay of Kythnos welcomes you, allowing you to enjoy the desired seclusion and all that the sea has to offer: refreshing swimming or snorkelling.

The evening invites you to totally relax, perhaps with a walk along the shore to collect shells or simply enjoy the peace sitting on deck, letting the sun sink into the sea and the twilight gently envelop the island. A dinner on board, with delicious dishes prepared by your skippers, will bring you back to the awareness of the small pleasures of existence and the priceless value of these moments of harmony.

Crociera in barca vela alle Cicladi Settentrionali

Sailing to Stunning Kea

Sixth day of sailing holiday

Head towards Kea, the least known of the Cyclades Islands, but frequented by Athenians who take advantage of the island's proximity to the mainland to escape the city. This day offers peaceful sailing, perfect for abandoning yourself to thoughts or sharing stories and laughter with travel companions.

We skirt the east side of the island admiring the landscape to stop in a cove where we will probably be the only visitors. After lunch we sail another stretch of sea separating us from the marina.

After the natural beauty enjoyed during the day, in the evening we go to discover the cultural treasures of the island, such as the ancient city of Karthea and the famous carved lion of Kea.

Crociera in barca vela alle Cicladi Settentrionali

An abandoned island where the ecosystem has taken over

Seventh day of sailing holiday

As the sun rises, we hoist the sails and head towards Macronisos, a fitting finale to an unforgettable week among the waves of the Aegean Sea. This last stage represents the perfect opportunity to fill up on marine, enveloping and regenerating energies.

The island of Macronisos was used as a place of confinement for political prisoners during the Greek Civil War and the Colonels' regime. Before these events, Macronisos had been inhabited since ancient times, due to its strategic position in the Aegean Sea, it was a point of reference for navigators and served as a place of observation and defense.

Macronisos, far from conventional tourist circuits, has preserved an almost intact natural environment, with low and resilient vegetation and splendid rock formations which testify to the adaptation of the ecosystem to the harsh conditions of the Aegean climate.

The bays and beaches create paradises for swimmers, divers and sea enthusiasts looking for a rare tranquility to find.

Before sunset we approach our final destination: the port of Lavrio.

Last day of sailing holiday

The journey on our sailing boat ends in the morning, not before thanking you for choosing to explore the unique beauty of the Greek islands with us. As your feet touch land, you carry with you the memory of a true, authentic and unforgettable experience at sea, which we are sure you will want to relive again.

Crociera in barca vela alle Cicladi Settentrionali

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Crociera nelle isole delle Cicladi Settentrionali con partenza da Lavrio (a 30 minuti dall'aereoporto di Atene) e sbarco a Mykonos. La navigazione è sempre con venti al traverso e la crociera è adatta anche a chi non ha esperienza.

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