Sailing from Samos to Cyclades


Sailing from Samos to the Cyclades: A Voyage of Discovery and Delight

Setting sail from Samos for a sailing vacation towards the Small Cyclades aboard a fast sailing yacht is an extraordinary experience, further enhanced by having Italian skippers who are not only adept at navigating these beautiful waters but also excel in cooking.

Samos, a Greek island rich in history and culture, serves as the perfect launching point for sailing with the prevailing winds towards the Small Cyclades on a yacht that navigates exceptionally well.

During the journey, the yacht's speed and agility allow for exciting sailing experiences.  We stop in tranquil bays to anchor and enjoy the crystal-clear sea with refreshing swims. Deserted beaches and secluded coves become accessible, offering perfect opportunities to explore the marine environment and relax under the sun, creating memorable moments during this sailing adventure.

Evenings aboard Walkabout yacht are magical, especially as the sun begins to set over the Aegean Sea, creating fiery skies and spectacular views. The Italian skippers contribute to these magical evenings by preparing gourmet dinners that highlight their culinary skills, making each meal a celebration of Mediterranean flavors.

Nights in the Small Cyclades are peaceful and perfect for stargazing under a sky free of light pollution. The combination of a comfortable yacht, the serene environment, and the exceptional Italian cuisine ensures an unforgettable experience.

In conclusion, a sailing vacation from Samos to the Small Cyclades aboard a fast sailing yacht, guided by Italian skippers who navigate with expertise and cook with passion, offers an unparalleled experience. It's a unique adventure among turquoise seas and breathtaking landscapes, perfect for those seeking excitement, relaxation, and gastronomic delight aboard a sailboat.

First Day of Sailing Holiday on the Walkabout

Your adventure begins with boarding at 6pm directly from the enchanting island of Samos. Once on board the Walkabout, you will be assigned your cabin where you can settle in and make yourself comfortable for the start of this exciting experience at sea. To celebrate the start of your holiday, your expert skippers will delight you with an exquisite dinner prepared on board, offering you a taste of their cuisine.

After dinner, we invite you to immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere of Pythagorion, walking through its charming alleys and along the romantic seafront. It will be the perfect opportunity to savor the serene nocturnal beauty of Samos, with its lights delicately reflecting on the waters of the port, beautifully inaugurating your sailing holiday.

Second day: Towards the Fourni Archipelago

The day begins with a delicious breakfast on board our sailing boat, the perfect time to enjoy the first rays of the sun as we prepare to set sail. We lift the anchor and hoist the sails, ready to sail towards new horizons.

Our destination for today is the Fourni archipelago, a hidden jewel in the heart of the Aegean Sea, known for its crystal clear waters and characterized by enchanting hidden bays and golden sandy beaches. It is a paradise for lovers of nature and tranquility, where time seems to slow down.

In the middle of the day, we treat ourselves to a tasty break with lunch on board. Your onboard chef has prepared a rich and revisited version of the classic Greek salad, enriching it with numerous additional ingredients that promise to delight your palate. It will be the perfect opportunity to savor the authentic flavors of Greek cuisine with a personal touch, while we let ourselves be lulled by the waves and the sea breeze.


Crociera in barca vela alle Cicladi Settentrionali

The Exciting and Fast Navigation to Donoussa

We wake up at dawn, ready to embark on the most exciting navigation of our sailing holiday. Thanks to our fast and safe vessel, which sails wonderfully well in all conditions, this crossing proves to be a very engaging experience. The sustained and favorable wind allows us to glide over the waves of the wonderful Aegean Sea with an ease that transforms the journey into pure fun.

The landing at Donoussa is colored with magic, with the silhouette of the island emerging on the horizon, becoming more and more defined as we get closer. Our sailing boat, designed to combine speed and comfort, allows us to reach our destination in time to enjoy a heavenly lunch in Kalotaritissa bay in Donoussa.

The afternoon is dedicated to rest and relaxation in this splendid uninhabited bay, an oasis of peace where time seems to have stopped.

As the sun begins to set, we head towards the top of the hill for a walk that promises to be unforgettable to admire the sunset from above, with the sky turning red and the breathtaking view.

The dinner on board, under a sky freed from artificial lights, celebrates the conclusion of this extraordinary day.


Crociera in barca vela alle Cicladi Settentrionali

Fourth day of holiday on Walkabout: Relaxation and Discoveries in Donoussa

The day opens with an invitation to relax in the bay north of the island of Donoussa. Immersed in the crystal clear waters upon awakening, you will have the opportunity to start the day with energy and serenity.

The morning is dedicated to exploring the bay that hosts us. Between deserted beaches and hidden coves, you will find the ideal place to relax in the sun and create indelible memories of this sailing holiday. For enthusiasts of water activities, the transparent waters offer the perfect opportunity for exploratory swims and snorkeling sessions to discover the fascinating marine environment.

After a lunch on board, a short sail along the southern coast of the island brings us to a lively bay. Here, a small beach bar and the presence of local tourism enliven the atmosphere, offering a pleasant contrast to the morning tranquility.

In the late afternoon, a walk awaits us towards the traditional village of Stavros. This excursion will allow us to immerse ourselves in the authenticity of the island, walking through cobbled alleys and enjoying life away from mass tourism.

The day ends with a dinner in a typical Greek tavern, where you can delight in traditional dishes of the local cuisine, celebrating the authentic flavors of Donoussa and ending this fourth day of adventure in the heart of the Cyclades on a high note.

Crociera in barca vela alle Cicladi Settentrionali

Day 5: From Donoussa to Koufunissi, Between Nature and Taste

After enjoying breakfast under the warm morning sun, we set sail from Donoussa to head towards Koufunissi. Today's sailing promises to be enjoyable, with our sailboat whisking us across the glittering waters to a new destination.

We arrive and anchor in Pori Bay, a natural jewel that looks like a vast natural pool. Here, the deep blue waters merge with a long beach of golden sand, creating an idyllic backdrop for our arrival.

The late afternoon is dedicated to exploring the rugged coast of the island, a route dotted with small natural pools that add magic to the landscape. The most famous of these is the "devil's eye", a natural wonder that captures the imagination. Our walk will take us to the lively village of the island, where life expresses itself in all its vigor among typical restaurants and local craft shops.

And as a reward for our walk, we will treat ourselves to the best ice cream in the Cyclades! A sweet and refreshing way to end the day, celebrating the flavors and colors of Koufunissi and adding another layer of unforgettable memories to this sailing adventure.

Crociera in barca vela alle Cicladi Settentrionali

Sixth day of holiday on the Walkabout: From Katokofunissi to Skinoussa, Between Nature and Gastronomy

Our sailing today takes us to explore new breathtaking scenery and sail towards the crystal clear waters of Katokofunissi. This remote corner of the sea offers us the opportunity to immerse ourselves in uncontaminated landscapes, where nature reigns supreme and time seems to have stopped.

After spending the day exploring hidden bays and relaxing swims in transparent waters, in the late afternoon, we head towards Skinoussa. The arrival on the island is celebrated with an aperitif in the small but lively town, where the authentic Greek atmosphere envelops us with its warmth and hospitality.

The evening turns into a celebration of flavors and conviviality, with our skippers trying their hand at cooking, preparing delicious tagliatelle with meat sauce directly on board. This dish, a symbol of Italian home cooking, becomes the protagonist of a special dinner that celebrates the friendship born between the guests on board in a unique environment like that of the Cyclades.

The day ends under a starry sky, with the sea gently cradling our boat.

Crociera in barca vela alle Cicladi Settentrionali

Day 7: From the Waters between Naxos and Paros to Paroikia

Early in the morning, to take advantage of every moment of this splendid day, we hoist the sails and prepare to cross the channel that separates Naxos from Paros. This stretch of sea is known for offering exciting and very fast navigation, thanks to the broad-hauled wind that accompanies us and our boat will give great satisfaction and great emotions with fast navigation.

We arrive for lunch time in a picturesque bay located on the south-west coast of Paros. Here, the tranquility of the environment and the beauty of the landscape invite us to a well-deserved rest after the meal, in perfect harmony with the surrounding nature.

Invigorated by the break, we set off for the last sailing of our holiday, headed towards Paroikia, the main port of the island of Paros. This moment marks the conclusion of our sea voyage.

Once we have landed, a visit to the town of Paroikia awaits us, where we will have the opportunity to explore its characteristic streets, immerse ourselves in the local atmosphere and admire the architectural and cultural beauties of the island.

The day ends with a dinner on the seafront, right in front of the magnificent spectacle of the sun setting on the horizon. This moment, full of emotions and beauty, offers us the opportunity to reflect on the experiences lived during the holiday, celebrating together the essence of sailing and the magic of the Cyclades.

Crociera in barca vela alle Cicladi Settentrionali

Day 8: Farewell and the Promise of a New Meeting

After enjoying our last breakfast together, we approach the most difficult moment of our adventure at sea: saying goodbye. It's time to exchange hugs, share one last smile and make promises to see each other again soon.

Despite the melancholy of separation, we are comforted by the thought of the days spent together, the laughter shared, the discoveries made and the natural wonders admired. Every moment we experience becomes a precious memory that we will always carry with us.

The promise to see each other again is not a simple goodbye, but a goodbye. A wish to meet again, perhaps in another splendid marine setting, to share new adventures and write other unforgettable travel chapters together.

So, with hearts full of gratitude for the shared experience, we say goodbye, hoping that the passion for the sea that brought us together will bring us back together, on board, to explore new horizons.



Crociera in barca vela alle Cicladi Settentrionali

The stages of the itinerary are subject to changes due to weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances that prevent or make navigation to reach them or mooring difficult. Any changes to the itinerary are implemented exclusively to guarantee better organization of the holiday and to ensure the safety and comfort of our guests.

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