Sailing Gulf of Evia


Sailing itinerary of Gulf of Evia

Boarding is from the port of Lavrion which is located north of Cape Sounio and is easily accessible from Athens airport. Compared to the usual departures made from the Port of Athens, the departure from the port of Lavrio allows you to save an uninteresting transfer day.

Boarding is at 18. If your flight arrives earlier you can have the opportunity to visit Athens. After the accommodation in the respective cabins we will have dinner on board.

The itinerary develops along the coast of Evia. Evia or Evia is one of the largest islands in Greece and remains off the beaten tourist track. At the weekends most of the visitors are Greeks living in Athens and the beaches are not crowded. So this sailing holiday will allow you to have an authentic local experience. The indented coast surrounded by pine trees on the hills, towers, fishing villages, caves and beautiful sandy beaches. The water is crystal clear and warm and it is a pleasure to dive in for a swim or snorkel.

Usually our sailing starts around 9 after breakfast. A stop in a beautiful bay for lunch prepared by your skippers and the afternoon to relax while admiring the beauty of the landscape or swimming. Most evenings you can dine on board with dishes from the Romagna cuisine.

There will be some dinner in the tavern so as to taste the local foods sitting on the seafront of the typical fishing villages.

Day 1

Boarding in the late afternoon in Lavrio, which can be reached by bus from Athens international airport. Accommodation in the respective cabins. In the evening, lunch on the boat.

Day 2

After breakfast we set sail for the island of Evia. A beautiful navigation during which you can try your hand at maneuvers or enjoy the sun lying on the deck. We sail in the Petali archipelago, where private islands are the destination of the Greek jet set.

Stop in Tragonisi to enjoy the water with a tropical color! Upon arrival, a healthy lunch prepared by the skippers on the boat. In the afternoon we move to Marmari, a typical fishing village with many small taverns and cafes along the seafront. With a pleasant walk we reach Megali Ammos beach, also called Great Sand, as it is a large white sand beach that stretches along the coast of Marmari. This beach is particularly appreciated by those who practice kitesurfing or windsurfing as, given its position, it is always breezy with good waves. The sea is an intense turquoise blue and the waters are clean and transparent, with a seabed that descends very quickly. The beach is characterized by very light sand and is not equipped.

If you want to take a break from the sea and crystal clear waters of Evia, and are interested in learning more about the history of the island, we recommend you to visit the Red Castle of Karystos. The castle was built in the early 1200s by the Lombards, on the remains of a fortification begun two centuries earlier by the Byzantines. Passing through various hands, it remained in use until the liberation of Karistos from the Turks in 1833. Today, it can be visited freely, together with the marble quarries that are located right next to the fortification. From these quarries the marble with which the castle was built was extracted, but also some columns of the Roman Forum in Rome and some statues of Villa Adriana in Tivoli.

Crociera in barca vela alle Cicladi Settentrionali

Day 3

The first swim of the day we do in the bay of Porto Lafia. Sandy bottom and mountains with Cycladic landscape. We set sail for Nea-Strya an area with an amazing coast and beautiful beaches surrounded by green hills of olive trees. A 5 km walk allows us to visit the village of Styra.

In Styra you can visit the Drakospita (dragon houses). These are 25 stone buildings, which have an impressive and mysterious history. They could date back to the 12th century BC. according to some scholars. The houses were built in steep positions and facing cliffs, probably with a lookout and surveillance function. Furthermore, the entrances are built as if they were Hellenistic period living quarters, with tons of slate, and supported by layered walls. The name Case dei Draghi derives from the size of these buildings.

Crociera in barca vela alle Cicladi Settentrionali

Day 4

For lunch we anchor at the island of Stouronisi. Our final destination, however, is Panagia (Almyropotamos). Panagia is a small fishing village We anchor in the scenic fjord where the village is located. Walking through the alleys it seems to go back decades. A pleasant walk takes us to the village of Agios Dimitrios where the picturesque houses with red roofs are located The church of Panagia is certainly worth a visit.

Crociera in barca vela alle Cicladi Settentrionali

Day 5

We continue to sail north. Stop at the fishing village of Port Buffalo and Blue Lake beach. A lagoon surrounded by hills where we will immerse ourselves in the clear and warm waters. Our navigation continues to Eretria, a historic town of ancient Greece. Archeology enthusiasts can visit the theatre, temples, tombs and mosaics, the museum and the archaeological area. Evening stroll on the cosmopolitan seafront and with the inevitable shopping for souvenirs to take home. We anchor in the picturesque Dream Island of Eretria Liladiu Field


Crociera in barca vela alle Cicladi Settentrionali

Day 6

Chalcis is the capital of the region. The city is built on the coasts of the island of Euboea and Boeotia (mainland), on the Euripe Strait. The two sides of the city are connected by two bridges. During the Middle Ages, the city was a Venetian fortress and was called Negroponte. Besides the big white bridge that connects the island to the mainland, there are several historical places to visit in Chalkida.

Definitely, we recommend you to see the Archaeological Museum and the Monument to the National Resistance, on the seafront. In the city you will find streets full of local craft shops.

Crociera in barca vela alle Cicladi Settentrionali

Day 7

Meluna (Daphne) -

Lake anchorage facing rock beaches Picturesque bay with view to lush Kandili mountain

Ilia anchorage in one of the most beautiful harbors of Euboea surrounded by trees

Night in Limni


Day 8

Ilia is one of the most beautiful ports in Euboea. Snorkelling in this area is also nice!

The spa town of Edipsos is one of the most popular destinations for tourists visiting the island of Evia. Indeed, even the Greeks themselves arrive from the mainland specifically to bathe in the thermal waters of the over 80 springs present in the complex. In this city you will find the largest and most advanced thermal establishment in Greece.

A short navigation takes us to Gregolimano with its beautiful Golden Sand beach. The landscape is lush. We anchor in front of a beach with turquoise water. Bath, swim and raft ride. Picturesque fishing village of Saint George.

The Lichadonisia Islands are located off the northwest coast of the island of Evia. It is a group of seven islets, with white sand and turquoise waters, reminiscent of the Seychelles, or other earthly paradises. The formation of this small archipelago occurred following an earthquake in 426 BC. The seven islands of Manolia, the largest and most known, Limani, Megali Strongyli, Mikri Strongyli, Steno, Vagia and Vorias are a true paradise!

Manolia is the only beach that offers services for tourists, with a beach equipped for the rental of sunbeds and umbrellas. In addition, there is a small kiosk on the beach that prepares delicious fresh fish dishes and souvlaki.

Day 9

A beautiful navigation awaits us to reach the Sporades islands. The island of Tsougria hosts us for lunch and for an afternoon of swimming and relaxation. Arrival in Skiathos Pleasant evening stroll along the seafront.


Day 10

After breakfast we are at the least beautiful moment of the cruise, greetings and the promise to meet again soon.



The stages of the itinerary are subject to change due to weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances that prevent or make navigation to reach them or mooring uncomfortable. Any changes to the itinerary are implemented exclusively to ensure a better organization of the holiday and to ensure the safety and comfort of our guests.

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Crociera nelle isole delle Cicladi Settentrionali con partenza da Lavrio (a 30 minuti dall'aereoporto di Atene) e sbarco a Mykonos. La navigazione è sempre con venti al traverso e la crociera è adatta anche a chi non ha esperienza.

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