Sailing holiday to the Sporades Islands


Cruise to the Sporades islands is an unforgettable experience that allows you to explore some of the most beautiful Greek islands. 4 major islands and a handful of smaller islets. Their characteristic is that they are all very green, covered with forests, orchards, vines and surrounded by waters that fade from green to blue, all close to each other. From the crystal clear waters of Skiathos to the thousand year old history of Skopelos, there is something for everyone.

During the cruise, you will be able to sunbathe on the deck of the boat, bathe in pristine beaches and visit ancient archaeological sites. Furthermore, the Sporades islands also offer a lively nightlife with many bars and restaurants where you can enjoy traditional Greek cuisine.

The ideal way to explore these islands is a sailboat, in this way you can navigate between the islands and take advantage of the winds to sail with a certain peace of mind. Furthermore, a sailing cruise allows you to access beaches and coves that are not accessible from the mainland.

Overall, a cruise to the Sporades islands is a unique experience that will allow you to discover the natural beauty and culture of Greece. I advise you to book in advance to ensure a place on one of the cruises to the Sporades islands and take advantage of the low cost of the flights.

The sailing holiday in the Sporades is an easy sailing holiday suitable even for first-timers. A cruise for everyone with short navigations and beautiful places not yet overtaken by tourism. On the Walkabout we will show you the best of these enchanted places!

The embarkation and disembarkation of the cruise will be in Skiathos.


Our boat will be located in Skiathos and boarding will be at 18.00.  Meeting with the other participants in the cruise and accommodation in their own cabins.

Dinner is ashore in a typical Greek tavern.


After breakfast, a pleasant sailing will take us to a beautiful uninhabited bay on the island of Alonissos. Afternoon and night in the bay.


In the morning we will sail to Peristera island, a very scarcely populated island inside the National Park.
After lunch, we will spend the afternoon swimming in crystal clear waters and exploring the surroundings.


In the morning with a short and easy navigation of 15 miles we will arrive in Plantis Bay on the Kira Panagia island. Nice, small, peaceful island with beaches with crystal waters. It is part of the marine national park. A Greek Orthodox monaster exists in the island, and for who want to walk a visit is interesting.


Today we will move to another desert bay of Kira Panagia Island, in the south coast.


We return to Alonnisos, but we will anchor in a bay not yet visited,Firakos.




A long sailing we will bring us back to Skiathos.

In the evening visit to the village and dinner in a tavern


After breakfast, greetings and disembarkation.

The planned itinerary may be altered due to unpredictable factors such as adverse weather conditions or situations that hinder the safe navigation or comfortable mooring of the vessel. Any changes to the itinerary will be made with the sole purpose of ensuring a well-organized holiday and prioritizing the safety and comfort of our guests.

An easy sailing holiday trough Sporades Islands

Crociera in barca vela con navigazioni facili e divertenti adatte anche a chi non ha esperienza velica

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