Sailing Iraklia

Sailing the island of Iraklia in the Small Cyclades archipelago of Greece is a truly unforgettable experience. Known for its unspoiled beauty, crystal clear waters and charming villages, Iraklia offers a perfect combination of relaxation and adventure.

The island’s main port is Agios Georgios it is where we will anchor. From here, you can explore the surrounding bays and coves with a little walk, such as the picturesque bay of Agios Andreas and the secluded beach of Livadi.

Another popular destination is the charming village of Chora, located on the hilltop of Iraklia. Here, you can stroll through the winding streets, admire the traditional Cycladic architecture and enjoy panoramic views of the island and the Aegean Sea.

In addition to its natural beauty, Iraklia is also renowned for its excellent seafood. Be sure to try some of the local delicacies, such as grilled octopus and fresh fish, at one of the island’s tavernas.

One of the highlights of sailing Iraklia is visiting the island of Schoinoussa, located just a short sail from Iraklia. This island is known for its beautiful beaches and crystal-clear waters, making it a perfect spot for swimming and snorkeling.

Sailing around Iraklia is an adventure that should not be missed. With its stunning scenery, peaceful atmosphere and delicious cuisine, it is the perfect destination for a sailing holiday. Whether you are looking for secluded beaches, crystal-clear waters, or traditional villages, Iraklia has something to offer for every sailing enthusiast.

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