Sailing vacation italian cuisine

Here is what you will eat during your sailing holidays on our Walkabout boat. We love to cook and prepare tasty and healthy food. Lots of fruit, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, fish and meat, all prepared with the minimum of fats.

Here are some of our dishes:


Tea, coffee, milk, yogurt with honey, cereals, fruit. Then the inevitable hot whole wheat bread with butter and jam.


Revisited Greek salad, turmeric aubergines with whole barley, Greek fava bean with cherry tomatoes, caramelized onion and feta, bulgur with vegetables, red rice with sauteed vegetables, cold wholemeal pasta with vegetables, omelette with courgettes and mint, vegetables au gratin.


Appetizer with feta anchovies and dried cherry tomatoes, with guacamole, with tuna cream Swordfish with venus rice and mango cream, tagliatelle made in boat with ragù, green ravioli made in boat with spinach and ricotta, stuffed squid, tagliolini made in boat with squid or octopus sauce, chicken curry, vitel tonnè, stew with potatoes, deviled chicken, risotto with zucchini, tuna breaded with sesame

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