January 31, 2016

Charter Conditions

Terms and Conditions of the charters

For the safety of our guests, all participants are required to comply with the health regulations in force in Greece.

Charter cost includes:

  • the assistance of the skipper ,
  • sheets, pillow cases and blankets
  • The use of the boat with all its equipment .
  • Bed linens

Not included in your charter:

  • General expenses: port charges, supply water and fuel for the engine and the outboard, cooking gas and final cleaning. A lump sum has to be paid as reimbursement of expenses at the time of boarding. 
  • Kitchen service + purchase of food and beverage: The standard service includes 7 breakfasts, 6 lunches, 4 dinners (dinner in the tavern 3 times ). In the standard service Spirits (wine or beer) are offered in moderate quantities during meals. Hard alcohol are excluded. When booking, special needs must be reported. All your meals are served by our crew and the menu is fixed. You don’t have to plan menus and think about sourcing groceries in an unfamiliar location. A lump sum has to be paid as reimbursement of expenses at the time of boarding. 
  • Second crew member (hostess).
  • Towels and bath towels.
  • Everything else that is not included in the item “Charter cost includes’;



The lessor, upon verification of availability, make a booking request by e-mail or telephone. At the acceptance of such request, the renter will have one day of time to organize the trip (buy airline tickets, …) and send the money of the deposit (50% of the amount) by bank transfer. It must also transmit the data for billing and a copy of the identity documents of participants and copies of airline tickets. The reservation is confirmed upon receipt of the bank transfer. The lessee shall give notice by sending the confirmation form.


There are two double aft cabins, two beds in the saloon and a shared bathroom available for guests. There is a double forward cabin with private bathroom available, for a surcharge. Reservations are accepted preferably for double cabin. Single people are housed, according to availability, in the bunks of the saloon or in a double cabin with someone of the same sex.


Boarding takes place on a Saturday after 18:00 and disembarking the following Saturday before 9:00. The port of embarkation varies depending on the itinerary. If the ports of embarkation and disembarkation  is impractical (eg. For meteorological reasons), the port of loading / unloading can be changed and no damages or compensation may be asked for any such unforeseen and consequent hardships.


In case of bad weather, the skipper may change the itinerary, proposing alternatives stages or extending the stay in the port in respect of the safety of the crew, guests and the boat. The guest cannot argue, claim or make demands for such eventualities that constitute “force majeure”.


The boat will be available for guests in perfect state of cleanliness and efficiency, in compliance with the regulations in force and with all the safety equipment required for the type of navigation that will be done. In the event of unforeseen failure or damage that might require a stop for repairs, Walkabout Charter agrees to make this period as short as possible. If the period does not exceed 48 consecutive hours, the guest can not claim any refund. Otherwise, Walkabout Charter shall reimburse each day not enjoyed more than those 48 hours continuous, or, if feasible, may grant an extension to the expiry of the contract equal to the period of non-use (more than 48 hours of downtime).

Risks and hazards

The guest embarks with full awareness of the risks and hazards associated with a cruise on a sailboat. In the event of an accident not due to the direct fault or responsibility of the skipper, the guest can not retaliate or take compensation. It is recommended that the guest has an insurance policy for personal accident.

The guest must inform the skipper of any health problems, allergies to medications or foods or other specific personal needs, before boarding.


We accept payment or by bank money  transfer. 

Is required:

50% deposit of the total amount to be paid within 1 day of booking confirmation

Balance due 30 days before departure. Failure to pay the balance within 30 days from the start of the cruise will result in the cancellation of the reservation with the relative loss of the deposit.

The reservation will be confirmed upon receipt of deposit (50% of the amount)

Cancellation Policy

In the event of cancellation by the renter, who shall give immediate written notice, the amount paid at the time of the waiver (deposit and/or balance) will be refunded only if the place will be relocated.

In the event of cancellation by the hirer, because of force majeure or other personal, unpredictable, that cannot be delayed (eg, health problems), the lessor shall give notice immediately to the renter and propose an alternative where possible to Clients such as not to vary the means of transport used to reach the port of boarding, or the renter can choose to be refunded for the amount paid without requiring any penalty to the lessor.

Notwithstanding the cancellation policies because COVID19:

the charterer who cannot participate to the cruise following provisions issued by the competent authorities that:

  • forbid making movements within or outside their country; or
  • deny access to the country of the cruise embarkation point; 

He/she can request the cancellation of his reservation and will be entitled to be refunded of  the amount paid if, at the time of departure of the cruise, these provisions are still in place.


The data supplied in the course of this contract will be stored and processed by Walkabout (as data controller) for the purposes of contractual and accounting, in full compliance with the Code in matter of protection of personal data pursuant to the European Rules 679/2016–GDPR.

Onboard Regulation

Guests will adhere to the onboard regulations in detail:


For safety reasons, smoking is limited on board. The skipper will inform you where and when it will be possible.

Baggage: The baggage carried on board must be limited and essential, in foldable bags to allow stowage.Each participant is the exclusive custodian of its objects and personal effects and will be personally responsible in case of theft, loss or damage. It is suggested to bring a pair of boat shoes with soles suitable (non-slip) to be worn only on board and with a clean sole. It is also advisable to bring: beach clothing, long pants and jersey for the evening, light windbreaker (K Way), sunglasses, mask and fins (for snorkelers).

Use of fresh water on board. In naturalistic-sporting vacation where there is no docking in the port, the availability of fresh water is determined. Although the boat is equipped with large tanks and a water maker, the quantity that can be consumed is limited. Guests are therefore advised not to waste water on board to avoid having to change the itinerary to stock up on water. For this reason and for practicality, the shower is done outside with the “sailor’s shower”.

Use of equipment: The use of equipment on board and of the boat is available to guests under the total supervision of the skipper, i.e. the boat and its equipment CANNOT be used independently by guests. In particular, the use of the tender without the presence of the skipper is not permitted.


The payment of the deposit constitutes acceptance of these conditions.

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